Seth Child Road Corridor Study:

Evaluating issues to address capacity, operations and safety improvements.

About the Project

The City of Manhattan is working with Alfred Benesch & Company to study Seth Child Road to address capacity, operations and safety improvements. Development and growth within the community makes Manhattan’s future bright, but impacts to the traffic system, particularly the Seth Child Road corridor, are significant.

The study will evaluate a variety of intersection types on the 5.5 mile stretch of Seth Child Road. Results of the study will be used to help the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), the City, and the County to create a long term vision for the corridor that promotes safety and efficiency. We will study traffic operations, accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists, intersection geometrics, land use and redevelopment for existing conditions and a 25-year horizon.

The study will include land use planning and economic analysis. These components are important to tie in infrastructure improvements with long term benefits for the community.


Project Area

Corridor Study Issues Map